Company Overview

Tadpole in the Community

At Tadpole Tape Cutter, we value evolving the way work gets done. Our easy 

to use, sleek Tape Cutter makes painting, shipping, packaging, and other

tape tasks more efficient – improving accuracy while reducing waste and time.  

Available in three sizes, the Tadpole delivers the perfect cut. For product

demonstrations, visit


Corporate Overview

Tadpole Tape Cutter is proud to team with the Louisiana Association for the

Blind to assemble this American-made product. Giving back is a priority at

Tadpole Tape Cutter. Our 10% First Fund allows our customers to participate

in Tadpole’s giving each year.


Tadpole at a Glance (As of Q3 2015)

  •   Incorporation: August 20th, 2014
  •   Headquarters: Tadpole LLC, 307 N Market, Shreveport, LA 71107
  •   Patent: Notice of allowance received
  •   Tadpole Tape Cutters are currently available in 45+ stores in the
  •   Shreveport, LA and Dallas, TX areas
  •   Receiving interest from multiple large retailers
  •   Popular industries of use include painting, packaging, general home, and  automotive
  •   Please contact us at for sales references 
    Fulfillment Capabilities
    •   Can produce 26,000 Tadpoles per day
    •   One production line: 1.75 million per year packaged and palletized
    •   Tadpoles ship from Shreveport, LA manufacturer to any to any region in the US


    Senior Leadership

    Lee G Mallahan III
    CEO and Inventor
    29 Years’ experience. Factory Distributor with the Kirby Company for the state of Louisiana.

    Leadership Team

    Robert McMillan
    CFO and Executive Vice President
    35 Years’ Experience McMillan Companies

    Jeremy Cave
    Strategic Planning
    12+ Years Experience at Fortune 150 Company

    Strategic Support

    Cohab's Breaking Lean Startup Support Program
    2015 Cohort has raised a combined $2 million
    50% of 2015 startups have begun or scaled production


    For more information about Tadpole Tape Cutter, please visit or contact us directly. Toll Free: 1.844.Cut.Easy ~ Office: 318.219.7595 ~ Fax: 318.219.7572 ~



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